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One cannot go and BUY Omnichannel. It is a concept that many retailers and technologies are trying to accomplish, yet very few do. However, One Step Retail Solutions’ products, industry experience, and knowledge offer a comprehensive solution that allows retailers to control all their retail channels under one umbrella, improving their efficiencies and providing consumers with products when and where they want them.

Benefits and Features of Omnichannel

  • Offers customers a similar experience in-store, on web or via a mobile device.
  • Allows ordering on-line; pick up in in-store.
  • Offers consistent brand messaging across all retail touch points.
  • Pushes target offers to shoppers.
  • Offers a more personalized shopping experience.
  • Determines Product Availability on the spot.

The concept of allowing customers to have an interchangeable online and in-store experience has been evolving for years. Two main benefits of going Omnichannel are improving operating efficiencies and customer loyalty.

Retail Pro, NCR CounterPoint, and Teamwork Commerce allow you to integrate and centralize your entire inventory catalog. This enables you to leverage what you know is selling well online and in-store. With this feature, you can improve operating efficiencies by pulling inventory from various locations to fulfill an online order if one store’s inventory is tied up.

Allowing customers to have an online experience like Amazon, while also providing a location for them to try and touch the products is the other clear benefit. Omnichannel provides the channels to leverage your brand with suggested products, reviews, gift cards, loyalty programs and the ability to order online and pick up in-store.

Products That Can Create An Ideal Omnichannel Experience:

We strongly suggest contacting a One Step Retail Consultant to design an Omnichannel solution that is right for your store(s). Each business is unique and designing a rich online and in-store experience differs from industry to industry. Ensure the success of your business and learn the benefits by getting a consultation and Retail Business Analysis.

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