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Based on The Walker Sands’ 2014 The Future of Retail Study, 62% of consumers say they shop online at least once per month.

Through E-Commerce you can sell to people that do not live or work near your physical store location. A web store opens your retail business up to the world beyond your storefront, without paying to open more stores and incurring the monthly costs to keep them running.

Other Benefits Include:

  • Up-to-date sales data to your inventory control system
  • Integrated inventory control systems make product management easy
  • Customer responses to new products
  • Demographic Information so you can discover untapped markets
  • Website data collection to help determine ideal future markets
  • More sales and boosted profits
  • And so much more

One Step Retail Solutions offers robust and flexible E-Commerce solutions. Based on your requirements, we assist in getting your site designed, implemented and integrated. E-Commerce is a piece of the puzzle that you not only want but need to stay competitive in today’s multi-channel world.

All of our primary POS products integrate with state-of-the-art E-Commerce solutions.

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