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According to Brandon Gaille and, loyal customers represent 55-70% of sales.

VIP and Loyalty program members are 70% more likely to spread the word about your business and make up 20% of your customer-base.

With a robust Customer Loyalty program, you will be able to:

  • Retain complete details for every sale you make
  • Build a valuable database for analyzing trends
  • Track customers’ favorite colors, size, etc. with user-defined profile fields
  • Print targeted mailings based on sales history
  • Define credit limits and contract pricing
  • Track receivables, print statements, and enter cash receipts
  • Use built-in loyalty programs and gift cards to reward customers
  • Implement a modern digital loyalty program to efficiently grow and get more revenue for your business.
  • Focus on your loyal customers to make sure you aren’t leaving extra revenue on the table.

How does a loyalty system work? It depends on the Point of Sale you are operating with, but for example, Retail Pro and Counterpoint provide a system of units and those units can be used to make purchases (like currency) just like using points on an American Express or frequent flyer miles.

One Step Retail Solutions’ 25 plus years of retail technology experience and industry knowledge enable us to help you successfully implement tools like Customer Loyalty to their full potential.

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