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Accurate analytics lead to data-driven decisions, defining your retail operation’s success. One Step Retail Solutions offers the ability to empower and expand your retail business through:

  • Easily accessible Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s), including but not limited to:
    • Daily Sales
    • Stock-to-Sales Ratio
    • Turn
    • Days of Supply
    • Customer Returns
    • Sell Through Percentage
    • Gross Margin ROI
    • Product Conversion
    • Labor Expense
    • Transaction Counts

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the above KPI’s, visit KPI Articles

  • Broken down productivity statistics by date, time, personnel, location and more.
  • Customizable filters and reports to most easily drill-down for vital data and statistics.
  • Business Intelligence which offers a comprehensive platform to handle details from inventory processes to sales orders automatically. Keeping track of data and patterns would otherwise involve dozens upon dozens of man-hours.
  • Remote access to Business Intelligence and analytics through your phone or tablet.
  • Accurate People Counting offering the ability to effectively compare sales data to traffic flows and zero in on areas of strength or weakness to improve conversion, gauge personnel placement, store hours, campaign effectiveness and more.

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