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Retailers can get confused because there are so many pieces and parts of a Retail Solution. Traditionally a lot of emphases has been put on the point-of-sale products because every retailer needs one. However, with emerging retail trends the focus of the primary point-of-sale products has shifted. Current retail trends like Omni-Channel, Cloud, SAAS etc., have redirected the focus toward concepts consisting of what a retailer really needs to stay competitive in today’s retail market. These solutions are no longer a luxury, but a necessity.

Our Retail Solutions Include:

At One Step Retail Solutions, we offer complete solutions consisting of your traditional point-of-sale products as well as supporting products and services to arm a retailer to not only compete but succeed in today’s challenging marketplace. With our over 25 years of retail technology experience, 4 offices on multiple coasts and with our expert staff, we have searched the market for the Best-of-Breed products to offer retailers all of the pieces and parts to make up their total retail solution.

We fit our systems into a retailers business and do not try to fit a retailer into our products, offering the best solution to each individual retailer.

By providing retail technology consultations, we work with you to evaluate your business and recommend the best, proven, solutions to help improve your business issues.


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