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For over 30 years, One Step has been working with specialty retailers to help successfully optimize their businesses through the use of cutting-edge technology and industry best practices. As traditional retail continues to evolve at a rapid pace, driven largely by the influence of E-Commerce and Omni-Channel, savvy business owners are looking for a competitive advantage at every turn. That’s where we can help!
One Step Retail Solutions is much more than a POS reseller. We are retail industry experts with the combined knowledge, experience, and insight necessary to help your business remain competitive and profitable in the decades to come. Our qualified retail consultants work with companies of all sizes to develop customized strategies that leverage resources, control costs and build long-term growth.



Inventory is at the center of any retail business. However, while inventory may be your biggest asset, it can also be your biggest expense! Knowing what to buy, how much and when can be a frustrating endeavor if you don’t plan strategically and objectively. Buying decisions are often driven by emotion rather than logic, leaving retailers wondering why that “hot” item they bought too much of is sitting on the sale rack. So why leave success to chance? One Step’s Inventory Planning solution provides retailers with the tools, knowledge, and support to make better purchasing decisions, all while helping:
Improve Cash Flow
Increase Revenue
Reduce Inventory
Reduce Markdowns

With One Step’s Inventory Planning solution, you can feel confident you’re purchasing the right product, in the right categories, at the right time.

Reviewing Inventory

Inventory Planning Includes:

  • Expert Consulting
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Inventory Planning / Open to Buy
  • Purchasing Strategy
  • Inventory Best Practices
  • Proven Tools such as RetailOrbit

Optimize Your Inventory with One Step Retail Solutions- Schedule a complimentary inventory analysis with one of our friendly retail consultants and find out how you can reduce risk, increase profits and drive growth by managing your inventory more effectively. Your complimentary inventory analysis includes an inventory diagnosis that will help answer the following questions:
How can you better manage your inventory?
How can you generate more cash flow?
Which classes/departments can you grow or optimize?

and so much more!

To learn more about our Inventory Planning Services, download our Inventory Planning Sales Sheet


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