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One Step Retail Solutions offers unparalleled support with 20+ certified Product Support Specialists to respond to your needs effectively and swiftly, making us one of the largest help desks of any POS software reseller.

Our fully dedicated Product Support Specialists have years of experience with retailers and our POS systems. They are, by far, the most professional, best-trained and most experienced help you can get anywhere.

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If you’re already a customer of One Step Retail Solutions, getting help is as fast as dialing a number.

For customer support, call (800) 266-4915.

Premium Support Hours:
Monday – Friday, 6am to 9pm MST
Saturday – Sunday, 7am to 6pm MST
Excluding holidays

Flex5 Support Hours:
Monday – Friday, 8am to 5pm MST
Excluding holidays

If you are on a Flex5 Support plan and need support outside of the normal hours, One Step provides support through the per-incident plan below.

Not a customer but need assistance?

We can help!

One Step Retail Solutions provides a per-incident support service that anyone can use whether they’re a current customer or not.

Getting help is easy, just follow these steps:

  • Follow this link and purchase from our online store.
  • Then call the support number at (800) 266-4915 and get rapid assistance with whatever problem you need help with.

Per-incident support hours are:
Monday – Friday, 6am to 9pm MST
Saturday – Sunday, 7am to 6pm MST
Excluding holidays

Support Options

One Step offers support options to fit any need, from comprehensive support to our new Flex5 Support to emergency, per incident support. Our support provides remote access connectivity to support you anywhere, anytime.
Premium Support

  • Unlimited support via telephone, Internet and Email, 7 days per week, excluding US National holidays
  • Unlimited off-line research time
  • Unlimited access to Knowledge Base
  • Unlimited access to our downloads area
  • Unlimited simple single response email support
  • Unlimited support on Windows XP and Windows 7 operating systems with regards to POS product specific functionality
  • Includes support for Retail Pro DVS, Accounting Link and ECI
  • Includes up to 5 minutes training per day during a support call
  • Highest priority in the support queue for call-backs from top-tier technicians

Flex5 Support
Flex5 Support is our support product for clients that want access to our support team with the flexibility of utilizing them in a much broader way. This is a one year contract from date of invoice and expires one of two ways: 1) one year from date of invoice or 2) the hours are exhausted.

The Flex5 contract includes:

  • Technical support limited by the number of purchased and available hours
  • Support via telephone, Internet and Email, 5 days per week, excluding U.S. National holidays
  • Off-line research time
  • Hardware support on existing computers included but not on new or replaced equipment
  • Unlimited access to Knowledge Base.
  • Unlimited access to our downloads area, along with assistance to locate and download files
  • Support on currently supported Windows operating systems with regards to POS Product specific functionality
  • Basic support for Retail Pro DVS, Accounting Link and ECI
  • Basic training subject to resource availability, but doesn’t include full check-sheet training

Clients on a Flex5 Support Contract must be on a current version of their POS software that is not more than one version behind the generally released version, per the manufacturer, and must buy a minimum of 2 hours per seat.

Emergency Support
This is a pay-per-incident service available to existing OSRS clients or non-OSRS clients. It is a flat-rate for single incidents of any duration. An incident consists of a problem solved, no matter how long it takes. Per-incident purchase expires 12 months from date of invoice.

  • Per incident telephone support 7 days per week
  • Incidents must be purchased using credit card via OSRS’ online payment system. Credit card information will NOT be gathered or processed by the Product Support Specialist.
  • Delivered on a call back basis only.
  • Delivered on a per incident basis.

To get started and purchase one of these support plans, please visit the One Step Retail Store today, or to get more information to see which plan works best for your business, contact us.

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