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Fjällräven on Teamwork Commerce: Functionality and Design That Just Won’t Quit


For Fjällräven, design is function and function is design. Each item produced by this Swedish retailer over the past 60 years has been structured for maximum use and all have remained wildly popular across Europe, now branching into the US with a rapidly expanding fan base (including America’s sweetheart, Zooey Deschanel rocking their Kånken bag in a recent episode of New Girl).

IMG_0281-1024x682Despite being an “outdoors” oriented company their “average Joe” friendly Kånken bag is rapidly gaining notoriety in the US and is even available through J.Crew online (limited colors and sizes available). ALL 24 colors (yes, TWENTY FOUR) can be found online or in any of their retail stores or distributors.

Fjällräven fans can look forward to more than just a fun design; the Kånken is structured to last for years of heavy use and are well worth the price.

In late 2012 when this European retailer expanded their retail stores into the US market, the need for a Point of Sale system arose and Teamwork Commerce was brought in. Known for its top-notch products, Fjällräven, of course, required a product with strong functionality, design and most importantly, a long-life expectancy. Teamwork Commerce runs iPads and iPad minis, offers robust reporting and data features, is designed to expand with a booming retailer and is subscription-based (so your features and capabilities are always updated and ever-expanding, not to mention any needed support or training totally included).

IMG_0277-300x200Beyond the obvious visual appeal, analytics and reporting is where Teamwork Commerce shines. Fjällräven’s Operations Manager, Michael Skauge notes the appealing “40 standard reports, that are almost more than we need. We also have the ability to customize reports, but that has been unnecessary thus far. Additionally, any field that gets propagated can be used to generate a report; this report can be generated from anywhere. There is a lot of potential that we haven’t yet realized, A LOT OF POTENTIAL”.

Teamwork Commerce looks forward to continuing to work with Fjällräven as it continues to expand throughout the US.

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