The Cashmere Sale, Pop-Ups Using Retail Technology to Enhance the Customer Experience

The Cashmere Sale Store

Why Focus on the Customer Experience?

The Cashmere Sale Store Sign

Consumers are driving the change in retail. Today’s social media savvy consumer knows what trends are hitting the runway right when they do, and will tell you what they want to buy.

But, having the product they want is only part of the puzzle now, as similar choices are readily available online. So, store base retail needs to shift focus to the shopping experience.

As a pop-up store, The Cashmere Sale is able to limit availability thus providing the consumer what they want along with the experience they need. Being able to provide their customers with the latest trends in a fun environment, endears the customer to their brand.


Unlike traditional retail institutions, stores such as The Cashmere Sale can quickly and with little investment put current fashion in front of an informed consumer, test a new product, get rapid feedback and sell through more limited runs.

However, technology has been a deterrent to a wider adoption of pop-up retail. traditional POS technology footprints are not synonymous with efficiency, the speed of deployment, or cost-effectiveness.


Adopting the latest cloud and mobile-based SaaS technology available today that provides real-time enterprise-class visibility, fast implementation, quick deployment and easy usability.

One Step Retail helps The Cashmere Sale implement Teamwork Commerce POS technology in a matter of minutes allowing staff to focus on the product and the customers while the technology, although powerful, stays in the background.

Teamwork Retail

One Step Retail provided POS technology that allowed The Cashmere Sale to have visibility into the operation, efficiency / productivity, and speed.

Visibility Into the Operation

The Cashmere Sale Store

For The Cashmere Sale, visibility into the business was a critical issue. This meant things like seeing a location underperform expectations and deciding to close it down after 2 weeks and moving the goods to another location that was performing. It also meant seeing in detail down to the color and size what inventory was performing well in different markets (sometimes running counter to expectations like heavy coats on the west coast) and moving those goods so as to not miss out on those sales and sell through.

Efficiency and Productivity

Using the Teamwork Commerce native iOS apps the operations staff were able to deploy technology to 19 locations in roughly 45 minutes per location. The store staff could then focus on the customer’s experience in the store, the technology simply working and fading into the background.

As an example, they were able to use a customer facing shopper display app (unique to Teamwork Commerce) to help achieve their highest retention rate of new customers profiles, thereby feeding the future of the brand.


The Cashmere Sale Store

Working with the One Step project team, The Cashmere Sale went from signed contracts in June 2016 to deploying stores in September for the October through December selling season.

The ability to act and then react fast allowed them to consolidate inventory to top performing stores by early December and then consolidate back to the warehouse in January, with less than a 1% inventory variance. Using the Shopify e-commerce site integrated with Teamwork Commerce, they ran an online consolidation sale that produced 400% more orders than expected.

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