Pet Stores

Case Study: Pet Store:

The Pet Store was founded in 1990 and the owner felt he could offer an exciting “pet-less”, “spot less” pet supply store that would focus primarily on the needs of dogs and cats.

The business now has 12 pet stores, competing with industry giants like Petco and Petsmart.

Before using Retail Pro, they used departmental cash registers that didn’t communicate or scan. Inventory control was up to the store management. To become better merchants, they needed to know what they were selling in real time, and develop new pricing strategies.

With Retail Pro, they now know what goes on in their stores daily, transaction by transaction. The owner looks at movement in the stores on a daily basis, and a quick report helps him stay in touch with their merchants.

Their merchants and employees use it to monitor store performance, cash control, up-selling possibilities and more.

“Retail Pro has provided a control function at the point of sale that reduces employee fraud, controls discounts and improves our accuracy of pricing….It has become the central nervous system for our company.”


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