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Located in Costa Mesa, California, this lifestyle store is designed to bring the unique home furnishing and gift stores of SoHo and San Francisco to Southern California.  Owners Shannon Ritter and Josephine Pfeiffer decided to open the store after working for several years for a major retailer.  In September 2004 they took the plunge and opened the store, named after the stylised design of an iris flower which is used both decoratively and symbolically: Fleur De Lis.

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Fleur De Lis works with local artists and grassroots companies to keep their products fresh and avoid a mass produced look.  “We believe that everything in our store brings a piece of its journey with it.  We strive to surround ourselves with what we like to call good karma items,” explains Shannon. When Shannon and Josephine decided to move into the independent retail environment; they knew they would need a POS and inventory control system.  “We knew better than to attempt POS and inventory control on our own.  We talked to some store owners who were doing things by hand and saw the problems they were having.”  After months of on-line research and speaking to other retailers, Shannon and Josephine chose Retail Pro as their POS system and One Step Data as their solution partner.

 “We had seen the (OSD) website and liked it, but what really convinced us was when our neighbors, who were already using Retail Pro, allowed us to come in and work with it.  Josephine and I were able to hear from them and see for ourselves how the system worked,” explains Shannon.

After purchasing the system, Fleur De Lis began the installation and training process.  An OSD system consultant came to their store for a hands-on comprehensive training session.  “Within a few days we knew everything we needed to know to run the store at a basic level,” Shannon states.  In the months that followed, they continued to learn more about Retail Pro and its capabilities. “I am still learning new things! The reality is Retail Pro is capable of doing a lot more than I am,” says Shannon.

Since the installation, One Step Data has maintained a proactive relationship with Fleur De Lis.  “We are always getting information regarding new products and system information.  I certainly don’t feel like   we’ve been abandoned since our purchase.”

Shannon explains how they have been satisfied with tech support and the ongoing training. “I feel like I am never left alone to solve a problem.  They are always there to help.  It’s like having a corporate Help Desk or IT department.”

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