“I am writing this letter to express our thanks for your amazing service and level-headedness through our implementation of Counterpoint. Even through some challenging moments you remained professional, supportive, and solution-focused. Your attention and availability to us during implementation was truly amazing – your customer service is truly above and beyond anything I have experienced from any software system and we are grateful to have had your help through it all. Your ability to listen to our concerns, think outside the box, and come up with solutions was invaluable to us.

“Counterpoint has been a huge step up for us when it comes to viewing information at every level. While we still struggle with canned reports (they don’t dump into excel in a clean way) we have managed to utilize the export functions to access much useful information as well as custom reporting that you created for us early on. This eased the transition for us and ensured we could continue business as usual during the transition.

“As a small company with no local employees dedicated to the transition and roll out, your guidance and organization, along with the unlimited patience and support from our One Step Support Specialist made for a seamless roll-out and transition. While no POS transition is without its headaches, your responsiveness, availability, and problem-solving approach made this transition for us possible.

“Thank you for your support!”

C.L., Sr. Operations Manager Planet Granite

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