“Counterpoint has been an invaluable addition to our business. As you may remember, we were working with no POS system in place which gave us virtually no control over inventory management. With the comprehensive reports available through Counterpoint, we are able to inform our buying decisions and reduce obsolete inventory.

“In addition to inventory management, our new POS system allows us to better and more quickly assist customers at check-out. With the hand written receipts we previously used, each transaction involved many extra steps to calculate totals and tax, allowing many places for human error. With Counterpoint in place, customers receive a fast, accurate transaction with greatly reduced wait times.

“Overall, Counterpoint has helped us immensely improve our customer’s experiences, both with a more informed inventory to choose from, and with less time spent at check out. We look forward to continued improvements to our business, made possible by Counterpoint.”

K.H., Baum’s Dancewear

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