Located in San Diego, CA, Great News Cookware launched its store in 1977 selling a wide variety of high quality cookware, electrics, bake ware, and gadgets at discount prices. Its state of the art kitchen offers cooking classes that seat 52 people.

4707_87562545915_7382055_nProblems retailer faced

The store manager struggled with the old POS software system, Cam Data System, stating, “It had a lot of limitations and was not ideal for our growing business. I learned the term garbage in, garbage out.”

The old system had reporting issues and general lack of retail needs with a POS system. “Some of the reports were generic and I needed more detailed drilling in on our data,” the manager stated.

The solution

Needing a retail POS software system that was ideal for their growing business, they contacted One Step Retail Solutions. The POS software recommended for their needs was Retail Pro.

One Step installed Retail Pro 6 years ago with the goal of helping them improve inventory management, reporting, and provide better customer service by tracking customer purchases.

Benefits and results

It was important to the manager to provide the best customer service and she felt that if you have the tracking of receipts and customer history available to you, you can do just that.

Your browser may not support display of this image.”When a customer comes in and they don’t remember what size fry pan they bought, we can look it up and they can buy the next size.”

734552_10151281831835916_1007068649_nSince the primary focus of using Retail Pro for Great News Cookware has been for tracking inventory and customers, the store has been successful in utilizing the software system to help improve customer service and the management of their inventory.

“We have increased our customer base by over 10% this year alone. We use integrated gift cards and have integrated our website, which has made inventory control on our website much easier.”

The manager has also been pleased with its ease of use. “One of the most useful aspects of the system is that it is largely intuitive for users. I find it very easy to train new people, and they have an easy time learning the system, as well as continuing to expand their capability within the system.”

As for financial benefits, she reported, “We’re able to process transactions quickly, track customer receipts for returns and use the customer database. We’ve been able to target customers with specific mailers and send the mailers to a very large number of customers. We’ve increased our mailing list over 10% each year.”

Since using Retail Pro, they have been able to achieve their goals and improve and streamline business operations.

“What I like most about Retail Pro is that it caters toward what a retailer needs.”

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