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In a recent study, 51% of retailers stated that their POS system helped increase sales by an average of 16%.

One Step Retail Solutions acts as your technology partner instead of a vendor to give you reliable service, responsive support and a mission to help retailers succeed in their business.

There are many technology products available to you as a retailer. And of course, everyone says that their product is the best. But, your industry, your unique business needs, and your goals dictate what technology is the best fit for your business.

One Step Retail Solutions works with several different core POS / Inventory Control products to ensure the right fit. Click on your industry below to learn more about what solutions could work well for your particular industry and how some of your peers have solved their needs with One Step Retail Solutions.

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With One Step Retail Solutions you get master level professionals to implement and support the right POS technology for your business. Contact one of our consultants to find out more about how you can achieve your goals in this area.

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