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About Springboard Retail POS & Inventory Management Software

Springboard Retail’s cloud POS and retail management software gives you the real-time insights and tools you need to drive more sales at higher margins, any time from any device. Designed by retailers for retailers, Springboard Retail makes the complexities of retail operations seamless and intuitive by connecting your retail operations into one streamlined, end-to-end retail management system.

This management platform is designed to be simple to set up and easy to customize to your business. With real-time reporting and custom SmartFields, you can increase your visibility and control. Instantly see what’s driving your store’s performance, make proactive business decisions and report on all aspects of your store operations on your terms. Because Springboard Retail is in the cloud, you will always have the latest features and can access your retail system from anywhere at any time from any device. Make decisions using real-time inventory data, empower suggestive selling and reclaim valuable selling space.

Point of Sale Software Features


  • Point of Sale – Works on mobile and desktop devices with a modern web browser. Intuitive, fast and famously easy to use.
  • Dashboards and Reporting – Instantly know what is selling and who is buying. Use real-time data to drive sales and profits higher.
  • Customer Management – Introducing the Customer Dashboard. You’ll never look at your customers in the same way again.
  • Scaling SaaS Pricing Model – Affordable monthly pricing that
    scales to fit the needs of any business.
  • Customer Orders – Save that sale! Springboard Retail’s distributed order management allows you to place orders for out-of-stock inventory for immediate fulfillment across the enterprise.
  • Inventory Management – Know exactly where your inventory is and how much you own across your stores, whenever and wherever you need it.
  • Purchasing and Receiving – Build purchase orders that suit you and smoothly enforce accuracy when shipments are received.

Springboard Retail’s List of Options and Additional Products

Every retailer is different, so rather than tell you exactly what your items and customers should look like, Springboard Retail lets you design your own.

Hardware Agnostic
Use the hardware you want to use. Springboard Retail works on any system, whether that’s on an iPhone or Android, PC or Mac, or any combination. As long as the device can run a modern internet browser, it can support Springboard Retail.

Custom SmartFields
Our custom SmartFields are just as powerful, searchable, and reportable as built-in-fields in Springboard Retail.

Springboard Retail seamlessly integrates with the latest retail technology to help you manage your online store, accounting, email automation marketing, loyalty and payment processing all from your POS.

Open API
Our system was designed with developers in mind, and that’s why Springboard Retail software comes equipped with a comprehensive REST/JSON API. We also provide a JavaScript API to allow your development team to develop custom browser based app that integrate seamlessly with our built-in UIs.

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