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Our Small Business Solutions are anything but “small,” but the solutions we offer have been designed for smaller retailers with simple Point of Sale needs. We’ve hand-selected Retail Pro 9 Small Business Edition and NCR Silver as the best options when running a small retail business with a limited budget.

Retail Pro Small Business Edition

Retail Pro Small Business EditionThis edition of Retail Pro was created for the small business owners, franchises and independent retailers. It comes with a full complement of retail management tools, but is designed for one language and currency requirement.

Benefits of Selecting Retail Pro Small Business Edition:

  • Affordable
  • Flexible
  • Upgradable

Specifically designed with small business owners in mind, this turnkey solutions offers everything a Point of Sale should – but at a more affordable rate.

NCR Silver

NCR Silver is a simple and easy to use Point of Sale solution that fits in the palm of your hand, specifically on an iPad, iPod Touch or an iPhone.

NCR SilverBenefits of Selecting NCR Silver:

  • Affordable
  • Simple
  • Fast Set-Up

Silver offers a free 30-day trial. Fill out the form here to get started.

For more information about Retail Pro Small Business Edition or NCR Silver, contact One Step Retail Solutions to see which is the best fit for you business.

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