Retail Pro ROI Calculator

This calculator is a guide to help you estimate expected return on investment when purchasing  a new retail management system. Based on the numbers you provide for your revenue and cost information, we can access how investing in a new system may effect your bottom line. We have taken the liberty to provide some sample presets that may help guide you in this process.

One Step Retail Solutions makes no guarantees that your business will achieve these results;  this calculator is an estimate only as each business is unique and results may vary. These are general numbers and act as a tool for the sole purpose of helping you make an informed decision when considering the purchase of a new retail system.

Step 1 – Revenue and Cost Figures

Avg. Monthly Revenue:

Avg. Gross Profit:

Avg. Manual Labor:

Avg. Management Labor:

Est. Monthly POS Cost:

Step 2 – Upfront POS System Cost

Select a Preset:

New System Acquisition Costs:

New POS Software:
New POS Hardware:
New POS Services:

Step 3 – Estimated Costs Reductions /
Revenue Increases

Select a Preset:

Theft Reduction:

Monetary Shrink:
Inventory Shrink:

Back Office Labor Reduction:

Administrative Finance:
Administrative Employee Efficiency:
Improved Efficiency Overall:

Store Labor Reduction:

Reduced Store Staffing/
More Efficient POS:
Reduced Payroll Clocking Shenanigans:
Improved Reporting Classifications:

Revenue Improvement:

Traffic Counting:
Customer Rewards Program:
Improved Management
Decision Making:

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