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So what is Open to Buy and why should you want it? In short, it’s an accurate sales forecast combined with an inventory plan that enables you to hit that sales forecast without over buying or under buying.

Accurate sales forecasting IS the secret to a successful retail store.

Have you ever found yourself asking these questions?

  • When do I get in and when do I get out?
  • When is the best time to buy?
  • Where is my cash?
  • How do I put fewer items on sale?

OSRS provides a coach to help retailers look at and evaluate what the correct action would be to maximize your return on investment on their inventory, which is a very specific body of analytic data. The report is generated monthly and your coach will review the report on an individual basis so that the best decisions can be made for your company.

With Open to Buy you can do it right — you get the most full price sales, least amount of markdown and the highest cash flow.

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