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Loss Prevention and Security Suite

Loss Prevention in a retail business is the establishment of policies, procedures and business practices to prevent the loss of inventory and money. It is no longer limited to the big box retailer. We have security products that help a retailer preserve profit while reducing theft and shrinkage. Our solution protects you, almost as good as what the big guys are using, for a fraction of the investment.

Today you need multiple layers of security to protect your assets. With over 25 years of retail experience, One Step Retail Solutions has been able to bring together a quality, technically advanced, security suite for retailers.

Security Products Include:

  • Quadrox Retail Video Security
  • Cisco Meraki Firewall
  • Retail Backup


security-camera-pngQuadrox Retail Video Security

Security threats extend beyond the internet.

Did you know… 47% of shrink comes from employee theft at the point of sale?

Quadrox is used in hundreds of retail stores and has reduced shrink and increased profits for retailers. Quadrox uses video surveillance that syncs with the point of sale transactions, like receipts, item numbers, employee numbers, amounts, etc. and allows you to detect fraud and theft helping you to spot and stop shrink.

With Quadrox you can:

  • Reduce Shrink
  • Integrate with your Point of Sale
  • Verify Cashier Activity
  • Sync Transactions to Corresponding Recording
  • You can add more cameras any time

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digital shieldCisco Meraki Wifi Firewall

The battles are being waged on the internet and the enemy is continuing to advance technically. You and your customers are a prime target.

  • Just how good is your Firewall?
  • Is it”racing” ahead of the technical advancements of the enemy?
  • Are you truly PCI Compliant or are your customers at risk?

Did you know that reports show 56% of U.S. small businesses have experienced data breaches and 33% of all data breaches were directed at businesses with 100 employees or fewer?

The Cisco Meraki portfolio of networking devices is 100% cloud managed with advanced security and performance. This feature-rich, easy-to-use, cloud architecture enables customers to solve new business problems and reduce operating costs. You can manage your network from anywhere.

With Cisco Meraki you can:

  • Manage entire network from a single dashboard
  • Control users, applications, and devices
  • Avoid controller hardware or management software to install and maintain
  • Gain a secure (PCI and HIPAA-compliant) cloud infrastructure
  • Scale from small sites to million-user deployments

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Retail Backup

Security threats can occur with data loss due to computer crashes and natural disasters. 93% of companies that lost their data center for 10 days or more due to a disaster filed for bankruptcy within one year of the disaster.

Did you know that 34% of companies fail to test their tape backups, and of those that do, 77% have found tape back-up failures. We’ve seen it ourselves—several retailers who thought they were backing up but found out otherwise when their system crashed.

  • Is your data at risk because you are backing up & storing on premise?
  • Are you verifying that your back-up is complete and will work?
  • Is your data secured off-premise and backed up on two different systems?
  • Does your backup system specialize in POS System back-up?

With Retail Backup you get:

  • Automatic daily back-ups.
  • The back-up is verified to be complete.
  • It is double backed up and stored in two different locations.
  • It is online and offsite protecting your data from local theft and natural disasters.
  • It uses military grade encryption
  • The backup is verified and if it fails or partially fails you will know about it.
  • It is the only back-up solution that specializes in retail POS systems like the one that you use.

There is more to backing up than you think. I want a Free Security Consult
Loss Prevention touches almost every part of a retail business so One Step Retail Solutions offers a layered security approach, featuring security products that help you take simple steps to work to prevent loss rather than being reactive to them after they occur.


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