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additional products

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One Step Retail Solutions offers the best-in-breed companion products along with our flagship inventory management products and solutions. These companion products assist retailers in enhancing the customer experience. While once a luxury, these products are now considered a necessity for any retailer wanting to stay competitive in today’s changing retail climate.


Paperless receipts are now common in American Retail. They are a win-win for both the retailer and the consumer. They enable proven cost savings, efficiency, security and more.

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People Counting

Accurate traffic counting offers the ability to effectively compare sales data or other analytics with your traffic flow in order to zero in on areas of strength or weakness.

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Open to Buy | Inventory Planning

Open to Buy is an accurate sales forecast combined with an inventory plan that enables you to hit that sales forecast without over buying or under buying.

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Loss Prevention

Loss Prevention in a retail business is the establishment of policies, procedures and business practices to prevent the loss of inventory or money.

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