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One Step Retail Solutions has been leading the way in Retail Technology since 1985, it is through our constant research and forward thinking that we have been able to add value to the solutions we provide. We closely follow retail trends and we make sure to be there, ready with the best-of-breed products, when our clients need them.

Our products include:

Retail Pro

Retail Pro has established itself as the standard in retail management software solutions for retailers worldwide and is a leading inventory control point of sale system for small to medium-size specialty retailers based on best-of-breed technology.

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NCR CounterPoint

NCR CounterPoint is a highly customizable solution, with direct access to MS SQL, from a company with over 100 years of retail experience, providing retailers with one-stop shopping for everything they need to run their stores. From point of sale to inventory control, online store, mobile POS, credit card integration and more… It has everything in one package and from one supplier.

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Teamwork Commerce

Teamwork Commerce is a cloud- and web-based, tablet-driven, SaaS retail management software. With its cutting-edge technology, small footprint and powerful omni channel, it takes running today’s retail enterprise to a new level.

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Small Business Solutions

Small Business Solutions are designed for small retailers that have one point of sale, simple requirements and limited budgets, that need basic POS functionality to run their business.

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Mobile Products

Mobile Products include mobile POS, line busting and physical Inventory-counting devices that are not fixed-based and are designed to improve the customer experience, allowing the retailer to offer faster and more personalized service.

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Additional Products

Companion Products designed to enhance your shoppers experience, by providing personalized service through proven add-on products to your retail management system.

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