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September 2018 EDITION
Marching to the Beat of Their Customers
World-renowned drum retailer and fellow One Step customer, Memphis Drum Shop, is not marching to the beat of its own drums, but those of their customers. Read how their dedication to meeting the needs of their customers has made them a must-visit location in the birthplace of Rock 'n' Roll.
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Anita Dongre Dreams of Women Empowerment to Build a Better India
Fashion designer Anita Dongre believes that when you empower women, you empower a family and build a stronger community.
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Nine Brands Come Together Under One Roof in Brooklyn to Test New Retail Shop
Nine young retailers are coming together under one roof to test a new, smaller-format mall, as the industry experiments with ways to draw in shoppers.
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Purchasing: The Importance of Your Historical Data (Sold, Received, On-Order)
Do you still keep track of your inventory the old-fashioned way? Today's tech tip may be the article for you!
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Driving Retail Efficiency: Leveraging Data in Site Planning
Retail analytics has replaced location as the most important factor in the success of retail.
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