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December 2017 EDITION
Holiday Fun
We're Dreaming of a Bright Holiday Season
Black Friday and Cyber Sunday saw an increase in spending by consumers which retailers welcomed. How will your retail store do this holiday season?
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End of the Year
One Step Retail's Annual
End-of-the-Year Specials
Are Here!

Give us a call at 800-266-1328 x4140 to hear about our End-of-the-Year Specials.

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Why are Enterprise Retailers Stuck on Archaic ERP's?
To all retailers out there! Why are you settling on outdated technology with the variety of modern retail technology existing out there?
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End-of-the-Year Physical Inventory Tips
It's time for your end-of-the-year physical inventory! One Step has the tips to help you ensure this process is not only less painless but successful as well!
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Does your Product Tell a Story?
Discover how your messaging and the way you tell your product's story validates the value of your brand to the customer.
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The Future
Looking into the Future of Retail Tech
Let's take a quick look over of IDC Retail Insights' "Worldwide Retail 2018 Predictions" report to see what retailers will be investing in 2018.
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One Step Retail Solutions is the top retail technology solutions provider for independent retailers in the US. We offer award winning Retail Management Systems and companion products like analytics, mobile, and more... One Step Retail Solutions provides a consultative approach along with industry events, webinars and white papers to educate retailers on how to effectively use technology to streamline and advance their businesses.
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