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July 2016

Executive Corner

From the Desk of Scott Kreisberg, CEO

Dear Customers, Friends and Retailers,

As a technology company that makes it’s living helping independent retailers achieve their financial goals with the help of modern technology, it is of great interest to me personally when I notice anything that might negatively impact my clients. During a recent trip to New York City I couldn’t help but notice how much prime retail space was available and I got to thinking about it. I have serviced New York for well over a decade and even during the past few recessions I didn’t recall seeing this number of vacancies. The odd part of it was that we are not even in the middle of a recession now, yet it seemed like every other space was vacant and, as you can imagine, this was alarming to me. Then a few days later it was announced that both Sport Chalet and Sports Authority were closing all locations and the bad news continued with Nordstrom cutting their outlook, Dillard’s profits drop on weak sales, Kohl’s posts surprise sales decline, Ralph Lauren profit plunges and Macy’s reporting big declines. It usually doesn’t take much for me to put two and two together to observe something was seriously amiss and I started to do some research and quickly uncovered that many experts were pointing their fingers to Amazon and something called “The Amazon Effect”...


Tech Tip

5 Brand Activation Tips For Retailers To Cross The Digital-Experiential Divide
by Luis Camaño, Grupo Gallegos

Read five tips and examples of how retailers are creatively activating their brands to engage consumers across the digital-experiential divide.


Featured Article

Top 5 Values of Customer Counting
by Tim Denison, Director, Retail Intelligence, Ipsos Retail Performance

Customer counting is now a "must have" management tool for retailers that can be used in both a strategic and operational context to measure performance and analyze the efficacy of decision-taking. Read which are the most valuable applications for customer counting.


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