Mobile Point of Sale: CPMobile




Pop Up

Goldman Sachs projects that U.S. retail sales of smartphones will more than double from $70 billion this year to $173 billion by 2018.

CPMobile is the mPOS (mobile point of sale) addition to CounterPoint SQL and allows you to make point of sale transactions anywhere. Times have changed and mPOS is the new standard in retail. Accordingly, NCR CounterPoint has created CPMobile that fully integrates into NCR CounterPoint Point of Sale.

With CPMobile, you can:

  • Sell More - you don’t need to leave the customer to check inventory.
  • Bust Those Lines - do sales and returns anywhere in the store.
  • Increase Customer Service - complete the entire transaction in front of the customer, not behind the counter.
  • Keep 'em Coming Back - customers will keep coming back because of the personalized service they receive.