Project Lead for Implementation (AZ)

Position Overview:

The Project Lead/Implementation Specialist is responsible for identifying the business needs of their customer and stakeholders to help determine solutions to business problems. He/she is expected to have a high degree of industry experience and perform a liaison function between software developers or other service providers and internal Company support and delivery resources. It is critical that the Key Success Factors (KSFs) and Return on Investment (ROI) be identified and documented in the beginning of the engagement so that it can be successfully delivered.


  • Create and achieve production goals and targets in accordance with the company goals and objectives
  • Work to ensure customers are kept satisfied with their purchases from OSRS and handle upset customers in coordination with the Director of Quality Assurance. Monitor all Quality Assurance issues in conjunction with the Director of Quality Assurance and make sure that any customer dissatisfaction as a result of poor performance is reversed
  • Ensure that any staff member who causes errors or customer dissatisfaction receives the proper correction to prevent future problems
  • Ensure Project Management principles are applied personally and by all team members
  • Project Manage larger installations and assist as needed with critical elements
  • Train and develop highly productive technical personnel
  • Manage all technical staff to achieve stated goals and responsibilities by ensuring they are maintaining certifications, being responsible for their calendars and their customers, and consistently improving their abilities.
  • Assist those who are not producing at an adequate level and help them do so
  • Perform spot checks and inspections of installations and training sessions
  • Ensure a smooth flow from sales to delivery and delivery to support so that all customers receive excellent service
  • Assist in the development of training materials for training of staff, so that they can do their jobs more efficiently and effectively
  • Submit updates to client training manuals in writing as needed
  • Look for increasingly better and more efficient ways to service customers and document them for approval
  • Travel as needed to clients and to all OSRS Offices and remote technical staff as needed for training and productivity enhancement
  • Set the example and drive the team to excel in every facet of their job
  • Assist in developing a project plan to ensure that system is configured and implementation is scheduled to easily achieve customer’s documented goals including the acquisition of a Customer Testimonial and photos


  • Excellent project management abilities, including time management, delegation of duties, as needed, follow up, etc.
  • Strong reliance on and proficiency in managing from statistical data
  • Excellent organizational and communication skills
  • Excellent technical knowledge
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Strong leadership abilities
  • A desire to improve the quantity and quality of the division’s valuable final products, as posted on the Company Organizing Board
  • Strong ability to multi-task, managing groups of people and projects
  • Good knowledge of retailing and retail operations
  • Excellent problem solving abilities
  • Personal aptitude to solving problems
  • High intelligence, perseverance, orderliness, and responsibility
  • Drive toward and satisfaction in the attainment of goals
  • Self-motivation by being assertive, not aggressive; patient and persistent, not passive; charismatic
  • Calmness and endurance under stressful conditions
  • Consistency and predictability in the regular attendance to duty
  • Individual initiative as well as participation in group efforts
  • Retail sales and operations experience and knowledge
  • Correct estimation of specific circumstances
  • An absence of unconstructive or ill-considered criticism, while demonstrating fairness, empathy and appreciation toward fellow workers
  • Must be highly technical


We offer a very exciting corporate atmosphere that is also fun and relaxed. We are looking for people who believe in our mission to help mid-size Retailers. There is great potential for growth in an ever-expanding industry. We are seeking candidates who would like the opportunity to grow to become Implementation Specialists and from there, Project Managers. Full-time employees receive a comprehensive benefits package, which includes: Medical, Dental, Vision, 401K, Life Insurance, and Aflac Coverage.

One Step Retail Solutions is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Job Type: Full-time

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