Our purpose is to improve how retailers run their businesses by using technology to boost efficiencies and collect valuable information that can help make the right business decisions using the best retail technology and services available. In order to accomplish this purpose, we specialize in the best-of-breed, retail point-of-sale software systems that help specialty retailers stay ahead of the game, keep in control of inventory and manage their businesses more efficiently.

We also back this up with knowledgeable and highly trained staff of more than two-dozen certified technicians, who deliver fast, expert and quality services to our customers.
Because of this achievement, we rank as one of the leading retail service providers in the U.S., servicing the technology needs of specialty retailers since 1985, with offices that expand across two coasts in Los Angeles, Phoenix, and New York.

About One Step

Listen to our customers talk about their relationship and experiences with us. “We’re not just technology experts, we’re retailers at heart,” and our customers tell all on how we’ve become the central nervous system for their retail operations.

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Interview with Scott Kreisberg

Scott Kreisberg, CEO of One Step Retail Solutions, talks about how to utilize retail point of sale (POS) software technology to maximize profits, and the benefits of selecting a retail technology partner to help retailers increase productivity.

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