Webcast Series: How to Stay Relevant & Keep it Affordable with Technology + Retail Pro

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August 30, 2013

Webcast #1: A Live Interview with Kerry Lemos, CEO Retail Pro International
• Hear little known facts about Retail Pro’s history.
• Learn about Kerry’s incredible career in retail and how he has shaped the FUTURE of Retail Pro.
• Find out what’s happening now & what’s to come.

Webcast #2: Traffic Counters & Loss Prevention
• Traffic Counters
• And Loss Prevention
• And how these work together to make you more money.

Webcast #3: Customer Loyalty
• Customer Loyalty
• Marketing Tools

Webcast #4: mPOS (Mobile Point of Sale) 
How to Stay Relevant & Keep it Affordable with Technology + Retail Pro: MOBILE POINT OF SALE, SELL ANYWHERE

Webcast #5: Reporting
Clear Information Leads to Accurate Decisions.
Don’t make important management decisions without sufficient information.

Retail Pro’s reports and extended reporting provide insight into all aspects of your retail business.

• Watch a Live Demo
• Learn How Reports Will Help Your Business
• Get Your Questions Answered

Webcast #6: V9 and Retail Pro Prism – Going Beyond the POS

V9 and Retail Pro Prism Retail Pro Prism will change your retail operations in efficient ways.

Join us with Ket Venethongkham from Retail Pro International, as he shows what V9 and Prism can do for your store.

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