Tracking Customers and Maintaining a Clean Customer Database

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Written by our very own James Tullai, One Step Retail Solutions Implementation Specialist.

You have a captive audience who is interested in your product: Your customers! Why not take it a step further and capture their information so you can apprise them of sales and discounts they may be interested in? So many POS systems include the ability to market to customers with information specific to their buying habits. Here are a few tips about capturing and maintaining customer information.

At the Point of Sale   

Entering accurate customer information at the time of sale does take time. Have your client cards near the cash wrap for your customers to fill out. Attach a first and last name to the sales receipt/invoice. You can enter the remaining information after the customer has left. If you are using a mobile POS app, have you customer enter their information directly onto the tablet.

Preventing Duplicates

Always search to see if customers are already in the system before adding them. Some POS systems have a setting to prevent you from entering duplicate customers.

Merging Duplicates

Many POS systems will have the ability to merge customers in the event you do have a customer in the system more than once. Check with your One Step Implementation Specialist for assistance. Some systems have automated methods to merge customers while others require some work to merge. The process is easy; it’s just time-consuming. However, it is easier to take the time to prevent duplicates than to merge duplicates.

Keep Customer Information Up to Date

Always ask if the information you have is accurate. Perhaps your customer has moved, changed a name, or has a new phone number.


When customers give you their information, they are trusting that you will protect it and use it for its intended purpose. Always check with your state and local laws to see what information you can request and when.

Limit who can access customer reports and export.

Limit who can delete/inactivate customers.

Never store sensitive information such as credit cards in any customer memo fields. Check to see if your system is PCI compliant before storing Card Holder Data. Your One Step Implementation Specialist will be able to tell you.