Top 5 Posts of 2015

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Why Omnichannel Customer Service is Essential

“You might have the best online shopping experience, outstanding high street stores and an engaging marketing strategy, but if your customer service isn’t up to scratch, you can undo all your hard work in an instant….Getting in touch with a retailer shouldn’t feel like navigating channels – every interaction should be part of the same conversation.”
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8 Reasons Why Retailers Should Make
the Switch Over to EMV

It’s simple, retailers are tired of falling victim to credit card fraud and adding to the billions of money lost to fraud every year. We have all the reasons you need to make the switch, just listen to your old pal One Step and do what’s best for your company.
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The Impact of Mobile on the Retail Industry

“Today, retail stores using flexible technologies are popping up left and right. Everything from small yoga studios to juice bars to boutique shoe stores are experiencing enough initial success to open dozens of locations in months rather than years.”
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How to Collect and Build Your Email List

“An email list is your biggest secret weapon to reaching your customers effectively. Think about it – what if social media dissolved tomorrow? You’d have no way of contacting your customers that you’ve worked hard to cultivate and turn into fans. The only recourse left is email. That’s why it’s important to have an email list. Let’s chat a little about why it’s important to have a list and a sure-fire way to gather quality addresses and build your email list today!”
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Tips for a Strong Start to 2016

We reached out to some of the top retail industry professionals and
got some expert tips on how to prepare for a successful and profitable start to 2016.
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