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For San Diego locals, Geppetto’s has long been the go-to for traditional to popular toys season to season, for over 40 years. As the second generation Miller to own and operate Geppetto’s, Brian Miller has carried the torch, expanding San Diego gem from a small mom & pop shop to a 9 location San Diego mainstay.

Amongst the holiday hustle and bustle we were lucky enough to steal a few minutes of Brian’s time to find out more about what makes this successful retailer tick.

Emily Ray Photography

 When was Geppetto’s initially founded? 

Geppetto’s has been in San Diego for over 40 years and I have been the owner for 21. My parents had one tiny store and after my father passed away, I took the store over with my mother. Having had experience with larger retail chains, I decided to grow the Geppetto’s concept. I love the independence that a small privately held company offers.

Emily Ray Photography

My parents had been antique and gift retailers and bought a small toy store near their gift store. Once I took that store over and as sales increased, we then bought our first Geppetto’s which was actually initially started by my childhood next door neighbor.

Tell me a bit about your focus and what sets you apart from other toy stores.

The merchandise mix is key- we try to balance traditional and classic playthings with the latest and greatest family trends.

As Geppetto’s began to really take flight, you established a relationship with Retail Pro with One Step Retail Solutions as your business partner in 1994. What issues were you trying to resolve or goals were you working to accomplish at the time? 

We wanted to evolve from an old fashioned cash register and hand written paper receipts. Retail Pro allowed us to monitor sales and track our inventory much more carefully. 

Is there anything you have been able to accomplish that wouldn’t have been possible (or more difficult) without a system like Retail Pro?

The biggest change was having a tighter control on inventory and actually needing less inventory, generating more sales on a smaller inventory value.  That’s pure profit.

What do you observe to be Retail Pro’s key strengths? 

Emily Ray Photography
Emily Ray Photography

The breadth of the software. You can use as much or as little of the features as you want.

If you were to offer any advice to fellow retailers looking into Retail Pro, what would that be? 

Plan carefully; think of how to do things differently to maximize the POS system. There are so many features to choose from!

We are proud to have been able to work with Geppetto’s to assist in their growth over the past 20 years through effective technology solutions. We look forward to another 20 and to their continued expansion through San Diego and Southern California!


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