Prevue Formal & Bridal: Uses Retail Pro for Ongoing Expansion

April 4, 2013

PreVue Formal & Bridal is an immense retail store located in San Diego, CA, originally opening in 1984 and consistently expanding to their now 4,000 square foot store with an additional 3,000 square feet devoted to back stock, alteration services, slips, shoe dying and more. PreVue now carries over 15,000 dress styles ranging from wild to demure in both formal AND bridal, keeping the owners on their toes non-stop. The staff is wonderfully friendly and helpful, the brands and styles are expertly hand-picked and they cover a wide range of designers, styles, and colors and their prices are quite reasonable.

Though this is a single store retailer, they move more than ten times the average formal wear store and have been starting prom season in August (as compared to the more typical January or February) for the past 7 years. The sheer quantity of items and volume of sales requires a comprehensive inventory control system and the ability to track and analyze while the sales floor is at a dead run and Retail Pro fits that need. PreVue has been on Retail Pro since “the days of DOS” and are deeply familiar with the system and its use. With the ongoing advance in retail technology the management team looks forward to exciting upcoming Retail Pro features that will enhance their existing successful technology resources. The familiarity, ease of use and Retail Pro’s ability to support their substantial product count and booming sales has been key to their ongoing success.

Co-owner, Steve Fitzgerald, notes that the One Step Retail Solutions team has always provided PreVue with excellent customer service and are remarkably helpful and punctual.

“You really have a great team there at One Step Retail Solutions that ensures each update and each action is correct for our specific store. It is great to have a caring team taking care of our specific Retail Pro needs”

When I visited, I saw that even on a Wednesday morning the phones rang off the hook and there were multiple entourages looking for the perfect dress.

From dawn until well past dusk, it is clear that this retailer needs a reliable and comprehensive point of sale system to support their hundreds of daily sales both in store and on-line. One Step Retail Solutions is proud to work with PreVue and we look forward to helping them tackle the challenges of their ongoing expansion and success!

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