Ports 1961 updates to Retail Pro!

July 30, 2015

Attention: One Step Retail Solutions,


One Step Retail Solutions

The support and the efforts from OSRS throughout the last few weeks has been a great assistance to Ports 1961 Vancouver. As we are a new location that just opened up in Vancouver the support in achieving the most productive and efficient service to improve our business needs has been fully supported and easily accessible. From the start of the journey to date it has been a great experience for us here at Ports Vancouver with OSRS.


Retail Pro

The Retail Pro POS program is simple to understand by the team and is very user friendly. The team has mentioned that there are a few more steps in order to process transactions than needed. We hope to see that Retail Pro can improve on minimizing the amount of time for the stores to process transactions through the systems especially for the higher foot traffic store which we have here in Vancouver. The Retail Pro Reporting system is also very user friendly. Although we did encounter a few reporting issues, the team at OSRS has been very diligent to have that adjusted on their end for us.


Our Staff

We have had the full assistance from OSRS both over the phone and in person. Our implementation specialist was very efficient in reaching out and connecting with us before we even met him in person. With his assistance and training our team is confident with using Retail Pro. He answered not only all of our questions but was also very accommodating to our needs here at the Vancouver store. He is a great trainer and comes from a wealth of knowledge. He also ensured that he was available to us at any time even without us reaching out. His passion for supporting the teams with understanding Retail Pro can definitely be felt through his actions as on opening day. He continued to reach out before and after his flight to ensure that everything was running accordingly and that he was there to assist immediately if need be. Any time we called him he was always there to provide us with a solution even on his time away from work/away from the country. We truly appreciate his efforts in ensuring that Ports Vancouver was up and running successfully with Retail Pro. We are more than happy with his services, training and assistance during our journey to date. You definitely have some very valuable team players at OSRS. Thank you for all of your training, support and care for our needs with Retail Pro. We look forward to working closely with both the team at OSRS and with our Implementation Specialist!



Alice Tso

Store Manager

Ports 1961 Vancouver


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