One Step Retail Solutions Tech Support Review

Lou Lou Boutique

One Step Retail Solutions Tech Support Review

“You do offer a voice mail box where I can leave a review but I don’t think my review would fit into thirty seconds.

“Put simply, your team is full of ROCKSTARS. I have had consistently amazing customer service every single time I call. Over the past couple of months I have been in close communications with your Technical Support in trying to figure out why our pin pads would not work specifically with our debit.  Our assigned support specialist has gone above and beyond the call of duty.

“Working in customer service myself I am extremely impressed with his innate professionalism. This was an particularly frustrating issue especially since it involved more than one party, our One Step Retail support specialist was not only a team player but also picked up a lot of slack and eliminated bumps in the road whenever he could. I am confident that without him this would have been a much slower process. All questions I had, he answered. Whenever he said he would call me back he would, promises were always kept. I would often ask if he could call us back in hour or however many I needed and he always called back at the time I had asked.

“Time management is so important, very crucial especially when we are in two completely different time zones. He really shined and he was our leader in managing our strategy to end our problems. Yes professionalism and management skills are standard, but there is something that makes him the triple threat and that is CHARACTER.
It is not the message its the delivery, and he always was positive, and happy to help and when needed encourage our team to do the same and keep cool in a very frustrating situation.

“Our communication was all on the phone but working One Step has been a breeze. Thank you so much for all of your hard work and positive energy you threw into this project, you set the bar extremely high for any future computer problems we may have.

“Here at Dupont Circle we consider you such an asset to our Lou Lou Team, a million thanks!!!!!!!!”

Taylor & Team Dupont
Lou Lou Boutique

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“It is the mission of One Step Retail Solutions to help retailers worldwide flourish and prosper by providing technology solutions and professional services that help them effectively manage their customers, sales and merchandise.”