Enhancing Your In-Store Customer Experience through Touch Menus

Retail Pro Touch Menu

Retail Pro, Global Retail Management Software provider, recently released its part 4 of its webcast series All Things Retail. 

Welcome to another All Things Retail webcast, with Retail Pro!

With each webcast, we focus on a specific topic all of us in retail need to address in our day-to-day business operations. Together, we will look at how we can accomplish these things in Retail Pro. You can watch our previous episodes on the Retail Pro International YouTube channel. In this episode of the All Things Retail webcast, we will look at touch menus, another capability in Retail Pro.

Touch menus are programmable menu buttons which provide fast, one-touch item selection at the point of sale. Many retailers can benefit from one-touch menu buttons. Top retailers today are focusing heavily on creating a customer experience. Touch menus could also be used for customer-facing initiatives like endless aisle and clienteling. In the example in this episode of our webcast, the retailer added a café to his apparel shop. This helped enhance his store concept and keep customers more meaningfully engaged. Touch menus are especially effective for shop-in-shop concepts with limited inventory items, as in this coffee shop example. They can help increase your transaction speed with easily navigable menus and lead to more efficient POS operations. In addition, the point of sale using touch menus is the same software as is running in the rest of your store – Retail Pro. That means the coffee shop barista can easily scan in any other item from your store inventory, giving customers a better experience at checkout.

Watch this episode of the All Things Retail webcast and email in to share how you use touch menus in your stores! newsletter@retailpro.com


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