Bishop Gorman High School Grows with Retail Pro

To whom it may concern,


My name is Michelle Roberts and I manage the Hammes Campus Store at Bishop Gorman High School located in Las Vegas, Nevada. We are a Catholic College Preparatory High School and on the campus we have a retail boutique. We sell all the school uniforms and spirit items and gear for the students and their entire families. We purchased Retail Pro because we felt it best fit our needs to maintain and manage our fast paced environment.

Previous to Retail Pro we used a program that was outdated, so everything from a simple transaction to preforming annual inventories left my team and me with major issues.  I was looking for a program/company that could enhance and elevate our brand to the next level. I have a luxury retail background and wanted something in that same field. I was happy that Retail Pro was able to provide the level of product.

I’m happy with the move to Retail Pro; I’m still learning the program but feel with the exceptional customer service, up to date and very quick software, the store is exactly where it needs to be.

My appointed sales/tech/representative that has been taking care of me the entire time, has been a delight. He’s very helpful and with his level of knowledge, professionalism and experience, I love that he his either one call away or one email away anytime!

I look forward to learning more and growing with Retail Pro.



Michelle Roberts

Bishop Gorman High School

Campus Store Manager


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