Bagels and Breaches: A CyberSecurity Buffet Event

Bagels and Breaches

Written by Peyton Hitchcock, One Step Blogger | June 11, 2019

Bagels and Breaches Event

On June 4 and 6, One Step Secure IT Services introduced its first installment of Bagels and Breaches: A CyberSecurity Buffet in Phoenix, Arizona. Both seminars were presented by Cheryl Blasnek, VP of One Step Secure IT Services, and Jacquelyn Pratt, Lead Sales for One Step Secure IT Services, to provide greater awareness to guests about the growing cyber security threats businesses face throughout their respective industries.

The goal of each of these events was to help attendees successfully identify and resolve business cyber security vulnerabilities by utilizing the latest best practices to avoid becoming the next business infected!

The events also examined the importance of cyber liability insurance for today’s businesses. Bob Nienaber, Insurance Manager at SJS Insurance, discussed the types of coverage businesses can rely on, as well as, how they can benefit from these coverages when confronted with a data breach. By leaning on the expertise of industry-leading IT professionals, attendees gained many useful tips and tricks to help keep their businesses safe—covering everything from phishing attacks to how employees can put their companies at risk.

While the first two sessions have come and gone, there are still two more upcoming opportunities to join us for Bagels and Breaches: A CyberSecurity Buffet on Tuesday, June 25 or Thursday, June 27. This is a great chance to join the Secure IT team for bagels, coffee, and some fun while they explore vital elements of cyber security to keep your company protected.


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