A Very Retail Halloween 2015

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Halloween is upon us!

As all you ghastly ghouls and ghosts prepare for these festive nights it is quite clear that the pumpkin spirit is already heavily in the autumn air. We know that spending all day indoors in order to pay those bills that just never seem to end, can sometimes be a drag on your holiday spirit, but here at One Step we encourage the Halloween spirit and festivities in our office!  We found some ways for you to celebrate a retail-tastic Halloween with some spooky retail displays, a classy pumpkin or two, and some of our favorite, yet appropriate costumes for work.

Stained floors, ruined clothes, flies as pumpkins begin to rot are all pretty good reasons to keep your home and retail store pumpkin free, yet no October display is complete without one. By painting and simply decorating your pumpkin you branch into the inspiring world of crafting and refrain from pumpkin disembowelment. With a little white paint, some black rhinestones, and your handy glue gun you can transform your lumpy orange pumpkin into a beautiful, sophisticated, and overall tasteful centerpiece to your retail store.

If the white and black rhinestone beauty just doesn’t fit into your style, try this one on for size. By pulling any loose strands of fabric you may have laying around and your ever so useful glue gun in hand you can create a unique pumpkin of your very own. One that is silly, crafty, and expels an air of individuality that simply must find its way into every retail store. Dress not only your mannequins up, but get some of your favorite fabric on this iconic autumn centerpiece as well.

Spooktacular Retail Displays

What we believe here at One Step is that fun never has to be hard. With a simple trip to your neighborhood market, you can leave with some masks, candies,  holiday bags, cobwebs, and toys and you got yourself the makings of a great retail display for the holiday season. The best displays are not those where cobwebs and red food coloring are just thrown into the mix, but rather it is when you learn to create a unique definition of Halloween that applies solely to your store and what you are selling. Engulf a mannequin in candies and you will have drooling and excited children bringing their parents in to your store. If energized 8 year olds are just not your target market, take it from Bergdorf Goodman’s crystalized spider web below and attract only those with an eye for high fashion and a Halloween spirit.


Need some costume inspiration? Look no further!

While at work it goes without saying that professionalism in your attire is just a must, but what about on the one day of the year where the work space and your creativity should be intertwined? Dressing up can be work appropriate too if you plan just right. For instance these couples dressed as America’s favorite and most iconic dolls while not infringing on any of their abilities to get their work done.

Better yet, let’s make this Halloween a group effort just like these folks. With some easy correspondence, you can have your entire team of workers dressed in one appropriate theme and let the creativity flow. Nothing exemplifies a retail company with a family vibe like dressing up together.Have you been called super because your sales are just off the roof? Or is it because you’re customer reviews have just been nothing short of excellence? How about you give them two reasons to call you super on Halloween with this simple look underneath your attire. Keeping it work appropriate with a little holiday spirit just a button away.


Don’t forget to make this Halloween a fright you won’t forget!So there you have it folks, from dressing up your store to dressing yourself, One Step wants you to make the most of this Halloween season. Most importantly, remember that you can make work fun for you and your company, a happy atmosphere brings in a happy customer.