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OSRS providing retail pro and other top retail pos systems.
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"I am pleased with our choice of Retail Pro and One Step Retail Solutions, there is no doubt in my mind the product and the One Step Retail Solutions team will enable the growth of our business."

– M.C. Shoe Store

Total Control of Your Retail Business, from POS to Inventory & Beyond

An effective POS system provides you with the tools to easily control your inventory and prices, manage trends, build customer loyalty and help you stay ahead of the game

Retail Pro - Retail Teamwork

A system that grows as you grow

Technology changes rapidly, and we make sure that whatever system you choose will keep up with your changing needs. One Step Retail Solutions has teamed with the best POS software developers in the industry to provide you with easy to use, retail point of sale solutions designed to help you be in total control.
Retail Pro - Retail TeamworkRetail Pro - Retail Teamwork

Retail Pro

A sophisticated retail POS management software system designed for the small to medium-sized retailer.

Retail Pro has established itself as the standard in store management software for retailers worldwide, and is the leading inventory control / POS system for small to medium size specialty retailers -- helping retailers make correct merchandising decisions using accurate and timely data.

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Retail Pro - Retail Teamwork

Teamwork Retail

A company-wide “People-Ready” all-in-one POS retail management software that empowers people to transform data into insight, ideas into action, and change into opportunity - for any size retailer.

Teamwork Retail is the first all-in-one POS solution built on the Microsoft Dynamics platform. It is completely interconnected, bringing an ease of use and familiarity that endows people with all the tools they need to successfully manage their business.

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Retail Pro - Retail Teamwork

CounterPoint SQL Enterprise

CounterPoint SQL Enterprise

A proven retail management software that delivers the power of Microsoft® SQL Server - the industry standard for speed, stability, data integrity, and scalability.

CounterPoint SQL Enterprise lets you tap into the power of SQL to create queries, lookups, filters, and triggers that let you find and update your records instantly. And it is compatible with a variety of popular third-party applications, like Microsoft Excel, allowing you to export and view your information however you want.

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Retail Pro - Retail Teamwork

LightSpeed MAC POS Software

LightSpeed for Mac® users

For years, Mac® owners asked us if we supported Apple® computers. We are partnered with LightSpeed to bring to our enterprise POS systems solutions, a dedicated Mac® POS software solution that is the only choice for Mac®, simple and easy to use, without the complexities of other systems. Mac® lovers can now manage their entire retail management suite right from their favorite computer.

Ring in sales faster - with the industry’s most intuitive Point of Sale System.

Gain the high-speed, error-free advantages of visual checkout. Ringing in a product is as simple as selecting its image. LightSpeed automates all pricing, including customer and quantity discounts. Support multiple salespeople at one station. Place an order on hold; then re-open it on-the-fly. Handle returns and exchanges quickly and accurately. No other POS makes retail this easy.

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Retail Pro - Retail Teamwork

QuickBooks Point of Sale

QuickBooks Point of Sale

Looking for the best bang for your buck when it comes to POS solutions? Look no further! Backed by Intuit, QuickBooks POS is the best value for PC users. This is your basic POS Solution, nothing too fancy or complex.

It comes with most of the features the "big guys" have, but in a slimmed down version, that couldn't be easier to use and... the price is right!

  • Ring & track sales
  • Track sales by product & department
  • Reports show what's selling & what's not
  • Accept credit card, debit & gift cards
  • Track inventory quantities automatically
  • Track customer purchases & contact info
  • Transfer summary sales & expense data to QuickBooks
  • Manage up to 20 checkout lanes
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Retail Pro - Retail Teamwork
Helping retailers improve conditions for retailers worldwide

We know retail and provide multiple technology products to ensure the right fit for your business - THE WAY YOU DO BUSINESS.

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