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TEAMWORK RETAIL - All-in-one retail Point of Sale / inventory control software solution for retailers
Teamwork Retail Web-Based POS Software System with iPad POS
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Retail POS Software Testimonials

"In one hour I learned things that have already saved time and helped streamline our operations. That one hour paid for itself ten fold on the first day. Thank you One Step Data!"

- Retail store owner

Teamwork Retail - Cloud based and web based, Tablet Driven, SaaS Software. Modern Technology, Small Foot Print, and Powerful Omni Channel to Run Today’s Retail Enterprise

Cloud-based, Web-based Retail Management, Inventory Control, Purchasing and Receiving, Analytics and Management Reporting, Integrated Ecommerce Operations. Run the whole store on tablets with apps including POS, CRM, Shipments, In Store Advertising, Signature Capture, Stock Count, Timecard plus, integrated traffic counting for conversion analytics, integrated IP Camera based Loss Prevention, web based dashboard all driving powerful Cloud based reporting, analytics, merchandising for an easy monthly subscription.

Make your retail business modern, easy to use, and with a lower cost of ownership...

Eliminate expensive upfront licensing costs... Cut hardware costs on average more than half over PC based systems

Reduced training costs...

Full Mobile Function Even without Internet or Wifi for offline transactions...

Web-based Retail Management from the Cloud with:

  • Inventory Control
  • Management Analytics and Reporting
  • Purchasing and Receiving
  • CRM, Loyalty
  • Multi-Store Management
  • Half a dozen tablet apps for store operations
  • Merchandising
  • Web based analytic dashboards
  • And much more
Created by the development team that has brought retailers the most innovative and effective Point of Sale systems in the world, having created solutions used in over 100,000 stores world-wide.

Point of Sale from Teamwork Retail is:

  • Familiar and easy for people to use
  • Learned in minutes by new staff
  • Fast to deploy, widely accepted
  • Average Installation time per store is 8 minutes
  • With local data storage and processing capability, will not go down if Internet is down or slow
  • Deployed with MS SQL and SQL Server Reporting Services for rich and powerful analytical tools. Ideal for multi-store chains
  • Management of Franchise operations from the total picture to granular reporting
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Retail Pro - Retail Teamwork

Teamwork Retail Features

Real-time information

Teamwork Retail's real-time management streams data continuously among all locations - no support-intensive polling required.

  • Shows on-hand quantities that are current for every location, preventing stock-outs and lost sales
  • Instant validation of physical inventory results
  • Real-time management of transfers will reduce shrinkage risk
  • Increase accuracy and control
  • Centralized management of security and settings simplify support of stores, further reducing costs.
  • Store credit, gift card balances, loyalty points are updated throughout the enterprise in real-time, better serving the customer and preventing fraud.
  • Self-managed gift card management, eliminating external services and associated fees.
Teamwork Retail Architecture

Analysis and reporting

Teamwork Retail provides unlimited custom reporting capability. You'll get a library of standard retail reports, allowing users to get the reports they want. Also includes Retail Calendars, Key Performance Indicators, plus Charts and Graphs. Real time web based dashboards and data visualization tools.

Point of Sale

Teamwork Retail's POS offers unlimited payment types and is user configurable. Universal Customer Credit manages store credit, gift certificates and gift cards, and deposits on any card. Real-time streaming of credit usage prevents fraud.

You can add a customer without leaving the Receipt screen, and it's easy to reapply credits to another transaction. You'll also be able to track merchandise returns.

Other advantages include having embedded free gift card functionality, with convenient gift receipt printing.

iPad® Point of Sale

A suite of iPad, iPad mini®, and iPod® apps for POS, CRM, Shipments and Receiving, Timecard, Analytics, Physical Inventory / Stock Count, in store advertising, customer display, Lessons for in store sales, even Buying Apps for merchandizers / buyers.

iPad Point of Sale - TeamworkRetail

iPad Point of Sale, Signature Capture - TeamworkRetail

iPad Point of Sale, Shopper Display - TeamworkRetail

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Inventory control

Teamwork Retail has superior inventory data structures, with dynamic pricing by dimension - what, who, where, when, how many, etc.

Physical Inventory (PI) on iPad that are used as one unit for both POS and PI. Item history is preserved, never deleted. Four-dimensional matrix (color, size, alternate size, location)


Teamwork Retail can set any line item to drop ship. It has 3-phase purchasing - PO, Receiving, Invoice - all aligned to the actual business process.

Inter-store transfers

Teamwork Retail has one streamed document that controls all 3 steps of transfer - Transfer-out, In-transit, Transfer-in. It captures any discrepancies and substitutions, with discrepancies resolved in one manual step or with reset rules for "auto-resolution." A flawless transfer audit trail is preserved.


Teamwork Retail allows users to do a full-text search throughout the application. Store settings are managed centrally and streamed to the store in real time, requiring little support, if any.

Easy to customize

Teamwork Retail supports unique retail methods and eliminates the strain of features that don't fit. Each major area of Teamwork Retail offers many custom fields and lookups – over 300 in total. More fields and tables can be added at will.

The open architecture supports custom extensions, and you will always be able to respond to changing needs.

Easy to use teaching and help module

Teamwork Retail uses a truly simple POS, providing competency in minutes, not hours, because it is incredibly easy to learn and reduces training cost of new personnel using built-in teaching videos.

Multi-Store Management

With Teamwork Retail you can expand to hundreds of stores without software limitations or costly upgrade requirements. Store settings are controlled by HQ. Stores are fully operational even in off-line mode. See real-time inventory levels chain-wide and do stock balancing with precision inter-store transfer and in-transit control.

Teamwork Retail Dashboard

Teamwork Retail - See Any Store at a Glance

Perfect for Expanding Retailers

Teamwork's true cloud and full tablet architecture reduces the cost and maintenance of technology for new stores by over half when compared to traditional PC based POS systems. For a growing retailer this can equate to tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars and man hours saved. This comes not with reduced but actually with dramatically enhanced functionality due to the new technology platform.

E-Commerce Integration

Rich content management with web-server integration to create a true Omni-channel experience for customers and for the retailer. Interfaces with Magento, Demandware, and other ecommerce shopping carts. Manage inventory catalog in store, in warehouse, online in one centralized could based system. Manage rich media content for web and in store display and promotion. Share customers, gift cards, credits, loyalty points, etc. between stores and web. Order online and pick up or deliver from store. In store returns for online orders, all information is shared among all channels for true Omni-channel retailing and Digital Commerce.

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Retail Pro - Retail Teamwork

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