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RETAIL PRO - An Integrated POS / Inventory Control Software System
Retail Pro is a world-class retail Point of Sale (POS) software system
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An Interview with Scott Kreisberg
An Interview with Scott Kreisberg

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Retail Pro is a world-class retail point of sale software system

Designed for today's retailers...

Retail Pro is the premier inventory control/POS software for independent specialty retailers--utilized in over 50,000 stores.

POS software systems promote revenue growth by taking advantage of various features provided in a robust POS software solution.

Retail Pro features make it "the best of breed" point of sale software, and has established itself as the standard in retail management for today's retailers worldwide.

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Retail Pro - Retail Teamwork

Turn oversight into insight.

Retail Pro pulls core retail data and data gathered at point of sale which drives a retailer's business and provides valuable information at your fingertips

A retailer needs to respond quickly and Retail Pro's reporting provide insight into all aspects of a retail business, generating information you want to see quickly.

Retail Pro - Retail Teamwork

Stay Competitive

Retail Pro is a scalable and comprehensive POS software system that was developed and built around a basic premise: a simple to use, easy to learn inventory management system, with an intuitive POS user interface.

Retail Pro POS Software Overview Click on the links below for detailed feature information.

Retail Pro is customizable to capture specific data requirements and can be integrated into an enterprise solution with EDI, e-commerce, and accounting interface extensions.

Retail Pro - Retail Teamwork
A POS system facilitates optimal efficiency

Retail Pro changes as you change, and is superior in managing inventory, providing fast and accurate data, analysis and reporting.

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Retail Pro - Retail Teamwork
Use point of sale to maximize profits

Retail Pro reports gathers data by efficient use of POS trend tracking, inventory control and integration with vendor data exchange to ensure that hot selling items are always on hand.

Retail Pro - Retail Teamwork
A software commitment

Software advances are consistently made available to Retail Pro users in the form of upgrades. The commitment to protecting your software investment is a reality shared with every Retail Pro user.

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User-Designed - fits the way you work

Fast merchandising response is vital to success in today's marketplace.

Retail Pro works the way you do. It comes with many different POS screen layouts and these can be user-designed to be as simple or sophisticated as needed.

User Interface

Retail Pro's look and feel is completely user-definable. Menus can be modified to include only the options you use, and each screen within the application can be set up to fit your particular business model.


Retail Pro is available in editions that scale smoothly from a single store to a chain of stores.


Retail Pro has one simple, consistent format that applies throughout. Screens, documents, reports and menus can be tailored to fit your preference.


Retail Pro can be customized to add unique functionality that may be vital to a particular retail business.

Retail Pro - Retail Teamwork
Point of Sale - fast, accurate, secure

Point of sale is where it all becomes worthwhile.

Under-rings, tag switching and simple clerical mistakes needlessly eat away at your profits. Computerized point of sale effectively reduces theft and human error, while increasing efficiency and speed.


Retail Pro safeguards and accelerates the checkout process, and utilizes bar code scanning. Key information is automatically captured with each sale.

Discount Tracking

Retail Pro's discount tracking capabilities help you to control your profit margins and identify excessive or unnecessary discounts. Alternative pricing levels can be activated for employee purchases, preferred customers or when placing a sale.


Retail Pro supports many types of transactions, including special orders, layaways, gift registry and sales order entry for mail order and catalog sales. An E-Commerce Integration (ECI) tool allows the merging of store-based and online activity into one cohesive operation.

Retail Pro - Retail Teamwork
Customer Relationships - personal attention and care

Attracting a new customer costs five times more than keeping one.

Expectations for customer relationships are greater today than ever. Poor customer service escalates your promotional costs and kills repeat business.

Retail Pro improves customer relations by helping employees know and service customers well. It incorporates each transaction into a customer history file, creating a complete purchase history for that customer. You can improve customer relations through targeted promotional mailings and give your customers the personal attention that builds customer loyalty.

Retail Pro - Retail Teamwork
Inventory Control - designed to put you in control

A retailer can't depend on instinct alone for rapid, accurate response to the marketplace

Knowing whether an item is moving well or slowly is critical to profitability. Without the best computerized inventory tracking, your ability to respond is limited.

Retail Pro takes the guesswork out of inventory management and puts you in control. Designed for both soft and hard goods, Retail Pro can display your inventory in multiple formats, putting all your inventory data in easy reach.

Retail Pro - Retail Teamwork
Physical inventory - a job made easy

A routine physical that cycles through each department of inventory effectively reduces shrinkage.

Studies show that an average of four percent of inventory in retail is lost through shrinkage caused by internal or external theft. The largest source of loss is internal. Routine physical inventories can pinpoint shrinkage and open the door to prevention.

Taking a physical using a Retail Pro portable terminal or Palm scanner takes only a fraction of the time required for a manual count and yields a far more accurate result.

Retail Pro - Retail Teamwork
Purchasing - know exactly what to order

Accurate purchasing goes hand-in-hand with profitability

Over and under-buying is the single most costly mistake in retail, yet is one of the easiest to avoid.

Retail Pro's streamlined purchase order functions can increase your control over the many products you carry. For maximum efficiency in multi-store buying, Retail Pro supports purchase orders with multiple destinations and allocations, as well as remote purchase order placement at store level.

Retail Pro - Retail Teamwork
Receiving - an essential part of inventory control

The quicker you get the merchandise to the sales floor, the faster you can sell it.

What you order is, unfortunately, not always what you get. Over-shipments and vendor substitutions can lead to costly overstocking.

Retail Pro removes the receiving bottlenecks by simplifying the receiving process. As merchandise arrives, the receiving process generates a voucher that clearly displays all the information needed to easily verify the shipment against the packing slip or purchase order.

This one-step receiving voucher process updates inventory quantity, cost and retail, reports any price changes, spots and corrects any discrepancies and produces price tags for the exact quantity received.

Retail Pro - Retail Teamwork
Optimized Distribution - takes out the guesswork and effort

Having the right merchandise at the right place at the right time makes all the difference.

What doesn't sell in one store often will in another. But, if you don't know what to move or where to move it, that advantage can be lost.

Retail Pro takes the guesswork and effort out of merchandise distribution, and can become an effective tool to increase sell-through and prevent markdowns.

Retail Pro - Retail Teamwork
Accounting Link - exchanges finance data

Merchandising and finance should always stay in touch.

Selling and managing goods generate accounting information. It is double work to manually enter and move information back and forth between a store and a finance office.

Retail Pro supports an Accounting Link that is optimized to work with any standard accounting program.

Talk to a One Step Retail Solutions representative about available interfaces.

Retail Pro - Retail Teamwork
Communication and Connectivity - information at your fingertips

Successful retailers use technology to accelerate information exchange and improve effectiveness.

Inaccuracies and delays in exchanging information can be frustrating and costly.

Retail Pro provides full multi-user capability on a variety of platforms. Computers within a store or warehouse are networked for complete task and information sharing.

For multi-store environments, Retail Pro includes sophisticated inter-store communication that fully automates your information exchange. Some larger Retail Pro enterprise accounts use a web-based hosted arrangement that makes all current data accessible anywhere.

Retail Pro - Retail Teamwork
Reports and Analysis - insight for retailers

Clear and objective information leads to accurate decisions.

Though retailers have great instincts for what people want to buy, too often they have to make important management decisions without sufficient information.

Retail Pro's basic reports provide insight into all aspects of a retail business. Each inventory and sales function generates information that the program will use to build the reports you want to see.

Retail Pro - Retail Teamwork
Business Analytics / Key Performance Indicators - know the state of your business every day

Advanced reports organize information your way.

Retail businesses can generate a tremendous amount of data during day-to-day operations. A powerful database platform is needed to control and analyze it.

Retail Pro - Retail Teamwork
e-Business - integrated E-Commerce and EDI

Integrate your e-commerce site with your physical store to achieve true "click & mortar."

Few specialty e-commerce sites are integrated with store functions and inventory control.

Electronic Commerce Integration (ECI) provides tools that allow Retail Pro to exchange information with the commerce engine that handles orders on a website.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the electronic exchange of data and documents between vendors and retailers. It can add efficiency to the supply chain.

Retail Pro can exchange purchasing and receiving documents electronically with your vendors who support this function.

Retail Pro - Retail Teamwork
Custom Programming – making the system perfect

Custom programming can tailor your system to meet unique or specialized needs.

Even with the thousands of features that come standard with Retail Pro, there may be a unique or unusual aspect of your business that demands special functionality.

Retail Pro is designed to support "plug-ins" which can add functionality to the system without impacting the core system.

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